Why the Legal Sector Benefits from Outsourced Shredding Services

Within the legal sector client confidentiality is always at the forefront of any business model. Without specific privacy of data, clients will quickly lose trust in a legal company, and due to legal regulations the owners of that company can be prosecuted, with ramifications for the company as a whole. The problem that many legal firms face, including solicitors, barristers and legal clerks, is that there is such a vast quantity of legal documents in physical form and it can be hard to keep track of those physical documents that need to be kept and archived, which have expired and have been kept past their statutory period, and those documents that can now be disposed of.

Any paper waste that has to be disposed of due to legal data protection regulations has to be done so in a certain way that protects the individuals and entities that the documents detail information about. This is where finding a trustworthy, local and secure shredding service for legal documents comes in handy.

There are a few reasons why any company working within the legal sector should have a thorough and regular document shredding policy. It works in an easy process, allowing companies to build a culture of environmental awareness and data privacy policy compliance. Find a document shredding service in your area and they can provide you with a secure box or shredding cupboard. During the working day any physical documents that can be sent for paper waste should be placed in this container. At regular intervals, whether daily, weekly or fortnightly, they will come to your place of work to collect the sealed boxes. No one ever sees the documents inside.

An efficient document shredding service will then transport your legal paper waste in a secure vehicle, tracked at all times, to a location close by. Then, under CCTY operations, the paper waste should be destroyed within 24-hours of being collected through a thorough and efficient shredding process. Some companies offer to then send your shredded paper waste to recycling purposes, ensuring that you are not only complying with data protection laws but also reducing the carbon footprint of your company.

Having a secure shredding process in place for all legal documentation ensures that the law is being followed. Regulations rightly insist that there is a growing standard of accountability and ethical conduct within the legal sector. The safeguarding of client information that could be of a personal, sensitive and financial nature, has to be a priority at all times. Hiring the services of a specialist legal shredding company will go a long way to ensuring this is the case.

A breach of data for a legal firm can have long-standing implications for the reputation of the firm, cause lost revenue and most importantly cause distress to clients, who have discovered that information relating to them has been stolen.

With all of this in mind, if you are in charge of a firm within the legal sector and you are looking to update your data protection policies and implement a shredding culture in the office, you are taking the correct steps for your company’s future.