What Makes an Excellent Program for Precious Metal Recovery

 For engineers and businesses in the technology manufacturing world, change is the only constant. New equipment emerges and behind many of it are elements like connectors and printed circuit board assemblies. And as change takes place in these devices, the way the inner functioning and elements the devices are made of also change.

Retrieving metals such as silver, gold, platinum and palladium from these devices is possible. But, generally, the newer device doesn’t have much of these metals. The majority depend on vendors to know the quantity of retrievable metal without being sure these vendors maximize their devices’ return. Although there are many refineries that can manage basic processes, some of them don’t provide solutions for unlocking value from complex or unique materials. Here’s how you can tell a program for precious metal recovery is dependable enough.

Practices Transparency

In terms of refining operations and financial transactions, transparency is significant. Ensure you can witness the weight and sample procedures of the vendor. Try to find a company that has transparent settlements and customer transactions as well as simplified business approach.

Is Known for being Trustworthy

A great precious metal recovery program must offer you the comfort of being able to trust how it runs its business. It should have your best interest in mind. A program can only be successful if it’s being worked on by a team of professionals who understand your needs. Focus on finding a company that is publicly traded and ensures you know its policies in terms of its business. Also, make sure the company has independent auditors.

Offers Customizable Service

Every customer has a different level of service required from a refinery. The precious metal recovery program must be custom-tailored to address every client requirement and guarantee maximum recovery value.

Shows Certifications and Compliance

Standards and certifications can offer you guidance in understanding how a refinery does business. A company that has these requirements can ensure and maintain a high-quality operation. For precious metals refineries, certifications may include ISO 14001 certification, Responsible Recycling certification, ISO 9001 certification and others.

Shows Flexibility in Handling its Business

A good refinery must be flexible in the way it returns your value. Flexibility with financial settlements that include refining terms like pool accounts, per pound, purchases, banks or transfers to fabricators is useful when dealing with some materials.

Building trust within the precious metal recovery industry can take time. But, finding the right refinery will help you in creating a smooth program and enjoy maximum recovery from your precious metals that are retained in your materials.