Questions to Ask Your Plant Hire Company

Plant Hire companies provide a much-needed service for a variety of projects, from construction to government infrastructure builds and maintenance, renewable energy projects, event management and a multitude of other locations and tasks. They can make a massive difference to the potential for success and as project manager or site manager with the responsibility of hiring machinery and equipment for a project, there are a few important questions you will want to ask your plant hire company before agreeing to sign up for their service and products.

Once you have the answers to a few key questions you can begin to build a thorough and effective plan that is fully assisted by the plant hire company you are choosing to work with.

How Much Variety of Fleet Do You Have? – Every job will be different, with requirements for different tasks, types of machinery and equipment and different sizes of those machines. You will want to work with a plant hire company that has a wide range of options available to you.

Can You Deliver to a Site with Restricted Access? – Once you know what your site location is you’ll have a fair idea of what the access situation is. There is likely to be a restriction of some sort at the majority of jobs in terms of width, height and the type of terrain. A high quality plant hire company will be able to deliver to remote and restricted locations.

Are the Machines Fuelled? – Any plant hire company worth its salt will provide you with machines and equipment that are fully fuelled when they are delivered to you. Some will require you to top up the tank before returning.

Are the Machines Tracked? – One of the biggest pointers to a quality plant hire service is when all machines and equipment are tracked, utilising GPS technology. Tracking technology works on a couple of important levels for a construction project. It helps to add a level of security and the ability to recover equipment that has been stolen, but also offers you the chance to analyse data to improve performance levels and efficiencies.

What are My Responsibilities with the Equipment? – For most plant hire companies the person or company hiring from them will be responsible for any damage or theft of any of the equipment. It is possible to add these contents to your business insurance for the period you are hiring equipment and machinery.

What happens when finished with equipment? –There is always the need for flexibility when it comes to plant hire so it is beneficial to build a relationship with a company that provides that. You may require a machine for longer than the agreed period, so always notify your plant hire company of the situation, and the security of the equipment is your responsibility until it is collected.

This list isn’t exhaustive, but you should always seek to work with plant hire specialists that understand the importance of good and honest communication. Planning any project where equipment is required will only work if all parties are working from the same page.