Movavi PDF Editor

The beauty of the pdf format is that you can open it absolutely on any device, and it will always look perfectly smooth. But this is good only for the end user of the pdf file, but before the pdf file reaches the end user, it passes the changes at different stages of its existence. And, if you had to try to edit a pdf file, then you encountered a problem, because it cannot just be edited as a regular text file. So it was created deliberately. With the Movavi PDF Editor the whole process gets done perfectly.

Ways to edit pdf file

And there are several ways to edit a pdf file. Let’s list them:

Third-party programs

The official program, as you guessed it, is paid. However, it can be used for free for the first seven days after installation. Maybe someone will be enough. But even if you want to buy a paid version – you will be disappointed. The program requires registration, a very long time to install and also still terribly slow. And all this in order to simply edit the text in a pdf file? I’m passive!

As for online services and programs from third-party developers, they are also mostly paid, and those that are free are very limited in their editing capabilities. And they are limited in many ways. In some you can glue together pdf files, but you cannot edit the text, in some cases, vice versa … You can, of course, compose the possibilities of all free programs and services, but do you imagine what kind of hemorrhoid?

You can consider another option, such as converting a pdf file into another format, for example, a Word. After that, edit it and convert it back to pdf. But this method is suitable only if your pdf file contains nothing but text, which, you will agree, is very rare. After all, even if your pdf is a scan of a book, it’s still not a text pdf, but a scan image.

How to edit a pdf file?

If you often have to deal with editing pdf files, then the best option for you will be the Movavi PDF editor. This program, of course, is also paid, but it is expected that it will be inexpensive. And besides, now the program is still very young, which gives you the opportunity to absolutely free download and “test” the beta version of the program with full functional functionality. Use your health until the program becomes paid. It will help you edit the pdf file, and you will help it to become better.

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