How to Rent a Crane

Cranes are large machines that are used for lifting heavy objects. Cranes are mostly used in civil projects for moving heavy components from one place to another. Operated by a technician, cranes are used for moving stones and other heavy items from one place to another. You may have seen cranes of different sizes being used in various construction projects. They are used in the construction of large buildings, and are also used when carrying out excavation work.

Most of the companies that specialise in construction work generally do not buy cranes of their own. As you might know, it is an extremely expensive piece of machinery, and maintenance isn’t easy either. Therefore, most contractors and building companies usually rent cranes from local companies that offer heavy machinery for rent instead of buying it themselves. Renting a crane in Perth is not difficult because there are several companies that supply heavy machinery to local businesses. However, if you want to avoid any kind of hiccups during the process, it’s important for you to follow the guide below.

Compare the Rates First

As mentioned above, there are several companies that provide cranes for rent. These companies have cranes available in different sizes, and can also supply the crane heads depending upon the nature of the project. However, before you book a rental, you need to compare the prices offered first. Because competition is so high in the machinery rental space, you have to compare the rates offered by different rental companies before making your final decision. You should know that the rental rates usually differ, depending upon the demand for a specific type of machinery, as well as the size of the machine itself. For instance, a small digger will obviously be cheaper to rent compared to a full-sized crane.

Make a Booking Early

If you don’t want to worry about unnecessary delays, it’s highly recommended that you make a booking as early as possible. Make a booking as early as you can once the details of the project have been finalised. The company will ask you to put down a small amount as a booking fee, and a security deposit will also need to be given to the company before the booking is finalised. If you book at the last minute, there’s a risk that the crane might not be ready, or may have been rented out elsewhere.

The company will handle the transportation of the crane as well, but you will need to provide them details regarding any obstructions in the route as well. Alternate arrangements will be made if there are obstructions along the way to the construction site. These are some simple things you should know about renting a crane.