Creating the Mobile-Friendly Online Business

It can seem as if it was only a few years ago that you were scrambling to get your business online and create an online presence. It feels that way because it’s true. The kind of technology that has been emerging over time has been greatly outpacing the ability of many people to keep up. Each piece of technology compresses the amount of time before the next technological innovation. As that happens, the way that customers interact with businesses changes in many ways. Despite the changes, many of their communications remain the same. Very few customers still use landline phones to make phone calls. Now, they make most of their calls using technologically-advanced smartphones. The smartphone has streamlined how businesses can reach customers and made it much easier to reach customers from all over the world. That has presented its own challenges as well.

Reaching Customers

It’s important that you have a business website that looks great on a computer. It’s just as important to have a business that looks great on a mobile phone or tablet. A mobile website is often a stripped-down version of the standard website. In other ways, it has features that the standard site does not have. One of the most important features is a “click to call” button. This button is best placed on any part of your website that includes information or a call to action. For example, if you write that you are available for business and encourage customers to contact you, you should then immediately follow it with a “click to call” button. Many people prefer to send emails or online messages but nothing matches a phone call for its immediate effect.

You might put off an email until later or even forget that you got the email at all. Alternately, with a phone call, you are likely to answer it right away. If you don’t answer a phone call, you’re likely to return the call as soon as you get back to your business phone instead of waiting for a different time. There is an immediacy and urgency to phone calls that other forms of communication don’t have. That’s come to be expected by your customers as well. When you don’t answer your phone calls or take a message, your potential customers likely won’t wait around for you.

The 21st century has dozens of businesses for every industry no matter how small it might be. If you sell trainers or similar merchandise, there are thousands of retailers all over the world who sell them as well. If you don’t answer your phone calls, customers will likely turn to one of your competitors. The best way to avoid that fate is with a great message-taking service.

Message-Taking Service

A message service, such as Message-Direct will answer your phone calls for you on behalf of your business. They will answer as your company, take messages from your clients, and deliver them to you whenever you need them to. There are many different ways to set this up. One of the ways that you can set this up is just a simple call forwarding process. You will sign up to have your calls forwarded to the message-taking service. You can set it up so that they answer your phone calls for weeks, days, or even minutes. If you need to go to a meeting, you can set your calls to be forwarded to the service. You will only have to pay for phone calls that are answered. That will allow you to scale your business but will also allow you to spread to customers all over the world.

Global Business

It used to be that opening a global business would require incredible investments and incredible amounts of capital. That’s no longer the case. Now, you can sell your goods or services to clients all over the world with just a simple website. Your website needs to be mobile-friendly, of course. In many different parts of the world, phones and tablets are more popular than computers for accessing the Internet. To reach those clients, you need to be mobile-friendly with a “click to call” button and then you need to actually answer the phone calls. Since they are customers from all over the world, they will be calling at very different times.

Time Zone Stress

When it is the workday in London, it could be the middle of the night in Los Angeles. You need to be able to respond to customers from both Los Angeles and London. Unless you want to wake up in the middle of the night because somebody is calling your company, you need to forward your calls. That’s one of the most common reasons why people choose to forward their phone calls; they will forward them when they leave the office and then take the messages in the morning.

Customers are generally somewhat understanding of time zones and don’t expect you to work 24/7. However, they do expect you to respond quickly and attentively. To be able to respond in a manner that they expect, you’ll also need to have good reliable information on your messages. Professional message takers will be able to give you everything that you need to help your customers.

Scaling Stress

If your business starts to expand globally, it can be a great thing for your business. It will also create some additional stress because the volume of calls will increase as well. That increased volume of calls could overwhelm your business. You could hire someone else to answer your phone calls but that will cut into the profits that you’re making. Instead, you should hire a message-taking service to handle the excess volume of calls, especially if they’re at odd hours. That will create the impression of a large and well-staffed business even if you have no employees. Professional, courteous phone answering will inspire confidence in your customers. They’ll expect service that is fast and reliable.

These are just some of the benefits of a great message service for your business.